Initiation Phase
We meet with your project team to validate the scope of the plan, identify key people and take an inventory of the processes or business units needed for the project. This phase sets the parameters, establishes the sponsorship of your executives and employees and trains your team in the project objectives and methodology. In addition, our consultants meet regularly with your project managers and staff to maintain open, two-way communications.

Business Impact Analysis Phase
The goal of the Business Impact Analysis is to define the operational and financial impacts of an interruption to your business. In addition, the Business Impact Analysis reveals recovery time objectives and interdependencies needed to develop effective strategies for more precise plan development.

Strategy Development Phase
Using the information from the Business Impact Analysis as a foundation, business continuity strategies are formulated and budgetary costs developed. The critical time frames and impacts from the BIA will be used to determine which contingency strategies are viable. These strategies will be developed and budgeted to define contingency and implementation requirements.

Plan Development Phase
Only after the prior phases are completed do we develop the actual recovery plan. We attend to the smallest details throughout, knowing that an incorrect phone number or misplaced data file can derail your recovery efforts. It is important to note that we develop your plan objectively, without bias toward any vendor-specific technology platforms, programs, or support facilities.

Testing and Maintenance Phase
Through testing and training exercises, we verify that the plan functions correctly and will be used effectively. By including tailored user procedures, we also ensure that your staff follows a regular, certified schedule of maintenance, testing and update procedures.