Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Program Assessment
We assess your organizations current recovery capabilities and gaps through a review of current management processes around continuity, recovery, and availability.

Business Impact Analysis
We create the appropriate level of detail required by you to assess the impact to the business in the event of loss of critical services. We provide an analysis of critical processes and Information Technology applications supporting those vital services along with identification of recovery times and prioritization of dependencies on information availability, infrastructure, network and operational requirements.

IT Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Strategy Development
We use the inputs from the Business Impact Analysis and identify the best solutions for each tier of recovery requirements and these recommendations are made to help management determine what level of protection is appropriate for all your critical Information Technology processes.

Business Continuity Strategy Development
By expanding the strategy beyond the Information Technology requirements, the Business Continuity Strategy Development initiative will develop requirements and solutions to address the critical business process environments outside Information Technology and develop solutions in the event of a business interruption impacting their location.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan Development
We facilitate the creation of plans for Technology related recovery, individual application recovery, and/or business process recovery.

Recovery Plan Development Tools
Help in the creation of the appropriate tool set for your organization to be used for development and ongoing maintenance of your recovery plans

Data Center and Workplace Risk Assessment
We provide identification of the risks posing the greatest threats to data center and workplace assets, operation and business functions, along with recommendations for risk minimization of identified exposures.